December 9, 2011

Rockhopper note and in telescope

Rockhopper's coming to town and he gave us a note.

I like the fact that it's going to be bigger than ever.

Well that's it, bye!

Clubpenguin updates

Hello everyone today I have some important news.

1.  I am not updating my look.
2.  I am not changing my web address.

So some more important news is that I'm starting a new page.  It's a Club Penguin updates page

Here's how it works.  Every month I will post all the updates club penguin has made.  And I will add updates CP has made on the page even when it's not time to post one.  One more thing this is all the updates I post.  So it's basically a big post of updates CP has made the past month.

So this post is starting the page off.

1.  CP updated there homepage...

And i'm dyeing to know why klutzy is standing there.

2.  Club Penguin updated their parent page, it's cleaned up a lot and easier to use...

And I can't tell if this is new or not.

3.  There's a new penguin poll

4.  There's a new background wich I really like.

5.  There are some new activities, recipes, and art's & crafts.

6.  And puffle launch is on amazon now for android..

But not for the lite app.

7. And here's the last one.  CP has started a featured postcards thing for the postcard book.

Well that's it, bye!