July 2, 2012

Club Penguin Games (Olympics) Coming Next Month?

[INFORMATIONS: Thanks' to my friend Trainman1405 I have this information]

Club Penguin Games (Olympics) Coming Next Month?

July 1, 2012 at 3:55 am
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Today two interesting pictures were passed along to me by Phineas99, who found out about them from Danpengui. After a minute or two of doing my usual tips and tricks I located the unwatermarked source of these images. (the ones I was given were marked up)
As much as I’d love to give out unwatermarked images, due to constant copying without credit, like usual with recent exclusive images I’ve posted I have given them a fair amount of watermarking.
The first room is the Dock, turned into an airport. The text on the building says Island Hopper Air. It doesn’t totally look like the Dock though, but I know it is because of the catalogue icon in the bottom right corner.

The second is the homepage. The screenshot was actually taken in November, as the what’s new text links to this post on the Club Penguin Blog from November 2011. The homepage shows Acropolis, a place in Greece. Doesn’t the items being worn by the red penguin remind you of the items that come with the next Club Penguin magazine issue?

So what do you think? Is there going to be some sort of Penguin Games next month in August? You can look at the 2006 Sports Party here and the 2008 Penguin Games Party here.

Club Penguin Short: "The Party Starts Now!"

Hey everyone! Blakefilms13 here. Today Club Penguin has released a new short. It's called...

Sneak Preview: "The Party Starts Now" - Cadence - Coming Soon to iTunes! [Official Club Penguin]

Here it is.

After you During the video at approximately 0.55 seconds you see Herbert. Dun Dun Dunnn!

The,  BAM!!   He's gone.   Personally I think This has to do with the black out.

And later in the video I noticed This. I'll zoom in.

Looks like the Night Club & Gift Shop, got a make over.

Well comment and post, like the song CP. That's it. Bye!

Marvel Super Hero Takeover Extended & Other News!

Hey everyone! Blakefilms13 here. Club Penguin has released a new video.  Here it is.

Well, Don't forget about all of that stuff. That's it. Bye!

Sorry : (

Sorry : ( My electric went out, for three days.