July 14, 2012

Summer Vacation!

Day 1 of summer vacation:

Hey everyone! Blakefilms13 here.  Today I like to show you a portion of one of my summer vacation.
Well first there were a bunch of kids my age. And we all went on a five hour drive to Tennessee.
Once we got there it was really windy, so we had to stay in are cabins for about thirty minutes.
We had dinner and then went out to the lake that was there. (It had stopped storming so know we could, go in the lake know.)  but first we had to put on lifejackets. Here's have of the life jackets that were there.

"Then me one eye saw the site of a trampling, arghhh!  (Yes I have two eyes.)  One thing we basically stayed up all night.

Day 2 of summer vacation: 

We got up had breakfast, had some free time. And the we got on the trampoline again. But we did it because we were waiting to go, water tubbing! Which I use to do all the time.

Finally we got to go tubbing after two hours of waiting. A friend and I named Peter went together. As we were tubbing we got two feet of air.

Then we did a thing like, The Amazing Race, separated by cabins.

Day 3 of summer vacation:

Got up had breakfast.  Here's the cabin I was in. and a kid was blocking my face.  Yay!
 We went tubbing again and my friend and I got really high like five feet of air time.

Here's one third of the kids before we left.

Our bus broke down on the way home.

Well that's it. Bye!