January 18, 2012

Club Penguin New fan art at the Book room

New fan art has arrived.
I like this new fan art picture.

Well that's it, bye!

Club Penguin party tonight

Hello everyone I know this is a little late but were having a party tonight on 1/18/2012
 at 6:00 PM [sever]  BREEZE but if that's full we will have it on SNOWBALL.  And if neither of those work out will have it at 8:00 PM.

Well hope to you you there, that's it, bye!

Why is nothing happening on club penguin right now?

Why isn't anything happening on Club Penguin?

I don't know maybe Club Penguin team is working really hard or something else.
You wold suspect they are making a movie or planning something big.

It seems like CP wouldn't do this because...

I think Club Penguin would loose lots of players when they don't do something or maybe it's just me.

I guess we won't find out.

Well that's it, bye!