December 24, 2011

Club Penguin: Slight update to there home page

Today while looking for away to contact club penguin. I was on the home page and I noticed something was different and something was!

Here's a picture.

I think it's bigger and wider.

Well that's it bye

Club Penguin: How to get into the window type thing on the advent calendar

Today I didn't have anything other to do but find cheats tips tricks or glitches, but I only found one thing.

How to get into the window box type thing.
Heres what you do...

First open your map,  or use your spy phone not that there is such a thing,  right...

Second click on the forest,  or use the teleport on your spy phone and click on forest.  Again not that there's such thing.

Once you are there just watch where my penguin goes oh and incase you didn't know,  his name is blakefilms13.

If you got that all, you will be standing right here. Oh and sorry no video on how to do that.

Well that's it, bye!