December 31, 2011

Club Penguin update's there home page again.

Well that's it, bye!

From Club Penguin Cheats by Blakefilms13. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE

Happy new year everyone.  Today as you should know it, it is new years eve. 
And I just want to say that, Club Penguin and it's staff really did it this year, so what I'm going to do is send a big thank you card out to Club Penguin.  If you have anything you would like to say just comment on this post and type in what you would like to say.  Well anyway the fireworks are back and I was hoping they would have been a little better, but who care's they did make a grand ending.

Well that's it and happy new year!

CP Times Newspaper Issue: 323

Club Penguin has sent out a new newspaper.

Here's the main topic.

Here's the secondary topic.

Upcoming events.

The secret section.

And the news flash of the week.

Well that's it, bye!

December 24, 2011

Club Penguin: Slight update to there home page

Today while looking for away to contact club penguin. I was on the home page and I noticed something was different and something was!

Here's a picture.

I think it's bigger and wider.

Well that's it bye

Club Penguin: How to get into the window type thing on the advent calendar

Today I didn't have anything other to do but find cheats tips tricks or glitches, but I only found one thing.

How to get into the window box type thing.
Heres what you do...

First open your map,  or use your spy phone not that there is such a thing,  right...

Second click on the forest,  or use the teleport on your spy phone and click on forest.  Again not that there's such thing.

Once you are there just watch where my penguin goes oh and incase you didn't know,  his name is blakefilms13.

If you got that all, you will be standing right here. Oh and sorry no video on how to do that.

Well that's it, bye!

December 23, 2011

EPF message from The Director

Here's the new message.

Well that's it, bye!

EPF message from The Director

Club Penguin made another funny short.

The weird thing is when I found this it wasn't by Club Penguin. Well any way here's the video

One more thing I don't think they showed the whole video.

Well that's it, bye! 

CP Times Newspaper Issue: 322

Club Penguin has sent out a new Newspaper!

Here's the main topic

Here's the second topic.

Upcoming events.

The secret section.

And here's the new flash of the week.

Well that's it, bye!

December 20, 2011

Club Penguin Lighthouse coins are updated

Hello everyone, today while on Club Penguin I was at the lighthouse and they updated it.

Well that's all, bye!

December 19, 2011

December 17, 2011

Holiday gift card special item and glitch

Hello everyone, to day why I was on Club Penguin I remembered the special item. I gave it to all my friends and logged into my other penguin so I could have the item, because nobody would give it to me.

Well anyway here's some picture's, and a glitch

When I put it on I noticed a big glitch...

I think that Club Penguin will never fix this glitch.

Well that's it, bye!

Oh!  and don't forget to get the item it's a once and a life time chance.

December 16, 2011

Club Penguin Holiday party glitch at the cove

Hey everyone, today while I was on club penguin I found a glitch at the cove check it out.  You can walk on the wall.

Well that's it, bye!

Club Penguin Holiday party Cheats

This is all the cheats I have done so fare but I can't do the sled because or bakery because last year my membership ran out so I think we might be getting a new one this year.

This hat can be located at the advent calendar at the forest.

this can be located there too.

as the same for this one.

Well that's it, bye!

December 15, 2011

Club Penguin All the rooms for Holiday party

Hello everyone this post is going to show you all the rooms
for the holiday party besides the slay.

Ice berg



mine shack


pizza parlor

the stage

the dojo courtyard

ninja hideout

snow forts

the stadium


gift shop

dance club

dance lounge

the bakery

coffee shop

book room





Captain Rochhopper's ship

the nest



ski village

ski loge

ski hill

I counted all the pictures and there are thirty one decorated rooms.

You can get this stamp.  It would be hard getting the stamp were you check out every single decorated room.

Well that's it, bye!