CP and Penguin Chats history

Club Penguin's History.

Club Penguin first started out with three men,  Lain Merrifield,  Dave, and Lance Pre. I think that's how you spell his name.  They said, "We've seen what is out there and we can create these things and do better."  "But the reason why we can do it better is because we are starting with the heart of the parent, and not jut the heart of business."  Club Penguin head guarders grew within fifteen months there were one hundred and fifty employees working there.  And two years later Disney was nocking at there door with three hundred and fifteen million dollars. The three creators were instant millionaires.

In March 2005, the founders of Club Penguin set out to create an ad-free, virtual world where children could play games, have fun and interact. As Internet specialists and parents, they wanted Club Penguin to be a place they'd feel comfortable letting their own children and grandchildren visit.

After months of consultation, research and testing, Club Penguin opened to the public in October 2005. Thanks to great reviews from players and parents, word quickly spread. In March 2006, Club Penguin launched on Miniclip, the world's largest online game site, and rapidly became its number one game.

In August 2007, Club Penguin joined the Walt Disney Company in a partnership designed to provide access to unprecedented resources and unique development opportunities.

Less than a year later, in April 2008, Club Penguin opened its first international office in Brighton, England, in order to provide localised player support and moderation.

Here's a video  I got most of the information from.

If you want much much more info here's a link to wikipedia.com, or Club Penguin's version of their history.


Penguin chat's History.

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