Golden and Hot Pink Puffle Theory: Possibly Cracked

Is The Hot Pink Puffle Theory Real?

Hello everyone! I think it's time a question if the hot pink puffle is real, or, is a fake?  

Well I did my research and if you know me from my CP Cheats Website, you know that I would check Trainman1405's blog, (Club Penguin Memories).

[This part By Trainman1405]

Hot Pink Puffle Rumour Debunked By Happy77

March 20, 2012 at 4:18 am
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As you’ve probably heard, Club Penguin is currently airing a Get Connected Commercial on Disney Channel about the Puffle Party. Within the first few seconds there is a mysterious apparent Hot Pink Puffle on the wall. For years, it’s been a rumour by many Club Penguin Bloggers saying “this is going to be the next Puffle colour!”. So far, nothing. In case you never noticed the Puffle in the video, here is a screencap of it:
Then yesterday, it was (finally) uploaded to Club Penguin’s YouTube video. I had checked it out a second time today and noticed this comment by Happy77. She said it’s just a rumour and the Puffle in the video ISN’T hot pink.
What do you think? Is it the truth, it’s just how the camera picked up the artwork’s colouring, or is it just a cover up? I guess we’ll find out soon enough if there will be a new Puffle soon or not. Every day I check Club Penguin’s files and so far there has been nothing about it. If that changes I will definitely post it right away!

Now don't worry that wasn't all the research I did. It's not like I don't have my own theories.

Now I'm just going to say, right here and right now that, "Personally I think that the Hot pink puffle is real."   Plus, it could just be a different pink that's very similar to Hot pink, Hey it's possible!

Now I have some evidence that might, just might, make you see why I think that the Hot pink Puffle is real.

First there's the three colors at the end, Everyone noticed that all the colors in the logo were except three (the three at the end) were puffle colors. Then almost everyone perdicted that the orange puffle would come next, and guess what? it did! Then the brown one came also, and that's why everyone thinks that hot pink will be the next puffle.

There's a lot more I could tell you right know, but I really don't feel like it.

That's it for now. Bye!

Is The Golden Puffle Real or Fake

Have you always wondered if the gold puffle is real? Well today we might find out.  You might be wondering why were stating off, at the Dojo Courtyard, Your about to find out!

Now if you look at all these picture's, What do they have in common?  Two things they all have a puffle, and each puffle is gold, now right now you would be like "I don't get it  this isn't important," It will make sense later.



Alright hopefully the Golden puffles will make sense now.  If their are any old-timer penguins around then you may know what I'm talking about, if you aren't I'll explain.  In the old days, around the time of the uncovering of the Dojo, There're was this penguin ninja who would jump from behind the puffle sign, at a certain time.  Puffle sign, ninja jumping from behind it, it may have to do something with the Golden puffles on the Dojo. So basically either, if The Golden Puffle is real, it could come from the dojo [and be a ninja puffle], or... Oh wait, I need to show some more facts so I could show you what else The Golden Puffle could be.

Maybe it could come form Search for The Golden Puffle?

Maybe we are being hinted that the Golden Puffle will come out of the thing, that the puffle lays on.

See they could be hinting us that the Golden Puffle comes from the Search, or, Quest for The Golden Puffle.

But I'm not finished with you yet, There's more!

Let's look into...

Lets look at the facts. There's...

and "The' could really mean something about The Golden Puffle.

So what do you think about The Golden Puffle? Is it real, or is it fake comment and post.  By the way don't forget about the Party were having tomorrow!

Well that's it for now. Bye!

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