March 15, 2012

CP Times Newspaper Issue: 334, April fool's message backwards?

Hello everyone!  If you've read issue: 334, you might have noticed in the Upcoming Events section, that there was and April fool's day, date.  Well if you read the message it was spelled backwards.  Here, look...


I will decipher this description...

[April Fool's! Here's a backwards message.]

I checked for any EPF messages, but there were none.  You do have to admit, the opening date for the April Fool's party is pretty close to the closing date for the puffle party, which is on the 27.

That's it, bye!

Quest for the Golden Puffle: on now!

Club Penguin has just released Quest for the Golden Puffle!

Well that's it, bye!

CP Times Newspaper Issue: 334

Club Penguin has released a new newspaper!

Well that's it, bye!

Club Penguin: Puffle party Cheats!

Today is the day, rise and shine, because I got up really early to do this.  Maybe this is better, todays the day that the puffle party starts, yippie!

First you should start off right here!

Did you know that if this room wasn't for everyone, there would be three member rooms

Here's the free item for your penguin, which you will see in the town and the plaza also. 

Don't forget to take a picture of your fabulous puffle.

This is the ski logde. I wish they kept it like this.

Here's a free puffle hat for everyone.  I have a little tip that has to do with this hat at the end of this post

Be sure to click on this

Now were at the mountain, check this out...

see this, watch... 

Click this red button and...

A cloud maker, have I seen that before.

Now were at the beach.

We are now in the Lighthouse.

Don't forget to get a portrait of yourself


And watch the skilled snow carpenters.

Wow now this got me by surprise.

Throw a snowball...

Out comes pie.

if you throw a snowball at this, the eyes on the puffle will spin around.

Same old same old.

Love the town, just love it!

I love the coffee sign

and the lamppost...

told you we see it again...

Here's evidence.

I love the music in this room.

same here, love the music.

Not many penguins could figure this out last time.  It may look like I'm sitting down, but that part of the dance.  Oh what you have to do is dance with a food item on infront of the table.

The snow forts.

I would hope you figured that out.

 I love the plaza.

And we meet again.

I can't tell if I like this years forest or last years forest, hmm.

Check out this feature...

stand here...

And your puffle goes through the tubes.

Now were at the mine, and guess what?...

It's back!  BUT be careful because you will lose your connection if you try to pick it up

And now the forest.

I almost thought we did all of the rooms.

This is at the beach

I love the snowballs...

I mean cookie snowballs!

Okay now for that tip I was talking about...

Pick up the hat 12 or more times.

Sorry I almost forgot this room.

Here's what I'll be wearing at the party

Well that's it, bye!