January 22, 2012

Club Penguin update [small screen big screen]

Club Penguin updated there big screen small screen thing.  Now when you click it, it won't make you log in again.

That's it, bye!

Club Penguin [water rising at the lighthouse]

The water at the beach is rising. Were getting closer.

That's it, bye!

CP Cheats by blakefilms13 [Slight update to old version of safe chat]

Okay so Club Penguin has made a slight update to the old safe chat.

The lettering below [wanna be friends] is shorter.

In fact they shortened everything.

Just thought I point out.

That's it, bye!

More Club Penguin advertisement on Youtube.com

You might remember My second post I ever maid.  Well it was about CP advertisement on youtube, well know there're doing more.

Wonder what's next?  Well I just thought I should show you.

Well that's it, bye!