February 12, 2012

Featured Igloos - February 10


Check out some of the fabulous igloos you nominated! 

Cooldude989 said: I think Oceandragon1's igloo is AMAZING it always is, even though it changes almost every week it's always so cool !!!

Kay Kay 1237 said: I think Bigblue76 has an awesome igloo! Its like a pool party!!!
Marioyoshi11 said: You should totally check out my friend Charlie Blak's igloo it is soooooooo awesome it's a TV studio!!!!!! Check it out! :D
Charlie Blak_03.jpg

Does your friend have a sweet igloo you'd like us to feature? Share their penguin's name and why you like it in the comments. Stay tuned for more featured igloos soon! 

Waddle on! :) 

-Club Penguin Team

Three codes from Club Penguin Magazine!

Hey everyone thanks to Mimo777's cheat site and his friend, British rail we have three codes that everyone can use.  Here they are, SHRIMP64, BIGWHITE, and TOGETHER. Type one of those in and you will get 500 coins do all three of them,  separate the codes or, don't right all of them as one big code, and then you will have a total of 1500 coins.

Well that's it!  Oh and thank you Mimo777 and British rail.