May 25, 2012

First Item in First Quest is Now For Non-members!

Hey everyone! today I have some very important news for non-members. Now you can get the First item in the first Quest.  (Go to the pool, do Quest 1, get this item)

Well that's it. Bye!

Club Penguin Returning to Normal Scorn Defeated!

Club Penguin has announced that things in Club Penguin will be turning normal again. And that it will all be normal by May 29th (End of party)  

If you notice all of these signs are now not the symbol of Scorn The Evil Dragon...

... and things at the Ski-Village are returning to normal too.

Well that's it. Bye!

CP Times Newspaper: issue 344

Club Penguin has released a new newspaper! Here it is.

Well that's it. Bye!