December 3, 2011

Club Penguin HUGE Sneak peek's and theories on snow dojo and christmas party and way more

Today why checking out trainman's blog I was looking at the holiday party sneak peeks...

Here's the first sneak peek.

The stadium was updated wich it's more realistic The soccer stadium was square right.
 Well now the ice rink is square wich is more realistic because they are both the same shape now.

First I noticed it by the corners.

Next if you notice there's a lot of snow on the sidewalks wich could relate to Cardjitsu snow.
Plus December is the perfect time for Cardjitsu snow to come, and the Northern lights might have to do with Carjitsu snow.

Also the elements are still over the ninja hide out so you can expect that anyone can go in the ninja hideout will still sit there and not disappear

Well that's it, bye!

Changing My new look on January 1st new years eve

Hello everyone today I am telling you that I am changing my look on the 1st of January.

Really short post but important.

Well that's it, bye!

Club Penguin Penguin style review


Hello everyone, today I am going to review the new penguin style.

I have to say that I love the new elf costume.
And I love the new candy cane sick

And I adore the the snow flag costume...
And the conductor type nut cracker guy.

This picture of the three penguins sledding, it makes me want to go sledding also.

Also it's been for ever since the old shovel was in the catalog.

One last thing is, It looks like the free item on the slay last year won't be the free item.

A sad thing is that there was only one new back ground

Well that's it, bye!