April 6, 2012

Club Penguin Dubstep Puffle Video + Free Code

Club Penguin has released this video called- "Dubstep Puffle," which is pretty funny, and has some exclusive footage of new animated shorts! Plus a Code for Headphones for your Puffle!

First the video starts out with Dubstep, a puffle wearing headphones, if you didn't guess.

Then is moves to some of the past and the some of the future of Club Penguin.

Nyan Puffle: 

Aqua Grabber:

This is what got my attention, Klutzy, three puffles, probably spoiling his Klutzy's plan, an a new animated short Sneak Peek!

I'm pretty sure this won't happen on Beta Team.

This I believe was from something called Bagers, something like that, and I have never watched it.

Is a parody of Advice Dog, who gives poor advice. (and there is no advice in Club Penguin’s)

There’s also the demotivator. It’s kinda like that:

This is a sample demotivator image:

Well that's it for now. Bye!