January 21, 2012

[club penguin] More info on klutzy in the short video


I had to barrow trainmans info because it was to hard to rewrite it.

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When Club Penguin released the new EPF message earlier today, only the English language got it – the other languages (Spanish, Portuguese, Fench, and German) got a different one. Wboys14 left a comment letting me know, however by the time I logged onto Club Penguin it was too late.
Luckily, Wboys left a comment on Saraapril’s site and she saw it in time – and she grabbed a picture of it in every language. Please keep in mind the picture is hers, which is why I’m linking it to her post.

In Spanish, it reads:
¡ALERTA ROJA!Todos los agentes, respondan este llamado! Conc√©ntrense en proteger a la poblaci√≥n de Club Penguin ¡Esto no es un simulacro!
Now translated to English, it reads:
RED ALERT! All agents respond to the call! Focus on protecting the population of Club Penguin. This is not a drill!
Now, what call – a field ops? Why? I do have a possible explanation as to what Rookie is referring to – it MIGHT be that the island is half tipped, or it MIGHT have to do with the seventh and possibly even the eight level in System Defender. Way back in August I posted about these two levels (complete with the dialouge in the level and whatnot) and they still have not yet been released. If you’re interested in reading everything about the seventh & eight levels in System Defender, then check out this post.

This part is written by blakefilms13.

Know I think that all of this has to do with this...

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Klutzy in Club Penguin short video

Today while I went to club penguins youtube channel the video started playing and I noticed that klutzy is in that expedition video.

It happens about this time in the video

You have to be very quick because klutzy only shows up for about two seconds.

I am doing some research so there might be a big theory.

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