March 24, 2012

Things designed for you and your puffle at the Puffle Party

Hey everyone a couple days a go I noticed some chairs, they were both next to each other but one was smaller.  Here the picture I am talking about.

I thought the smaller one might be for your puffle. And I was right. Here look

Then They did the same thing at the cove.

I decided I should look around a little more, so I did, and I found a couple more thing's like this.

Of course I immediately saw the two hat's, one fro you and one for your puffle.

Then there's the door's, one side is for a penguin and the other a puffle.

Here's what I'm saying.

That's all I found for now but I might find more stuff like this.

That's it for now, bye!

Club Penguin All Cloud Shapes made with cloud maker

Hey everyone! today I was thinking, and I thought that I should show all the cloud shapes that the cloud maker can make. So here they are.

That's it, bye!

CP Times Newspaper Issue: 335 Possible hint for hot pink puffle!

Alright, so today when I was looking through the newspaper I noticed this picture.

This picture was for, Ask PH continued.

 When I was looking at the picture I again noticed something. It was this paint on PH's foot, it's hot pink,     I thought "I've never seen the yellow puffle use hot pink to color before?" So I thought it could be a sneak peek.

Comment and tell me what you think!

That's it, bye!