March 22, 2012

Why don't Puffles get thirsty?

Why don't puffles get thirsty? I think it's the perfect question to ask around at the puffle party.  But I didn't ask anyone. That is except the Club Penguin Support Team.

The message I sent said...

Why don't puffles get thirsty? in other words, do puffles get thirsty?

They replied back saying...

This is a very good question penguin friend!

All animals need water to survive so I think that Puffles would have to drink water too.  What probably happens is that Puffles get water whenever you feed them.  I guess it would be smart if we had water as an option in the Puffle Care screen!

I will pass along this suggestion for consideration for the future but I can not guarantee anything for sure.

Are you having fun at the Puffle Party so far?  It is so cool to explore all of the different rooms that are decoerated for each Puffle's personality!

If you think of any other questions or have any ideas, feel free to email us again fellow penguin.

Waddle on,

Club Penguin Support

You know? I do have to agree that there should be a water option in the care section, but look, There isn't.

There is a section that has water but...

it's just a bathtub 

Do you want to know a couple reasons why I sent that message

  1. I wanted to make a post.
  2. I really wanted Club Penguin to make water an option to give them.
  3. Well I wanted CP to notice that it was kind of unrealistic not giving puffles water.

Well that's it for now! and I will probably make another post like this.  Hint, it won't be about puffles, if you know what i mean?

That's it, bye!