February 15, 2012

What will it be like when almost every penguin isn't on CP island?

After I read the post below this post I realized What will Club Penguin island be like?  Well, I'm doing a little something for you all.  I'm keeping a penguin at Club Penguin Island why penguin (Blakefilms13) Goes on the guest! I fell really bad for my other penguin not getting all of those [I hope] awesome items.

I think that's about it, bye!

Coming Soon: Rockhopper's Quest!


Happy77 here. By now you've probably seen that Rockhopper's Quest is coming on February 23. In fact, Rockhopper's ship is almost here now! I'm super excited about the big quest, and wanted to let you give you more info about what to look forward to.

During the quest, everyone will get to set sail aboard Rockhopper's ship for the very first time! I know many of you have wanted to travel aboard the Migrator, so this is the moment you've been waiting for. 

Get ready to set sail...


The quest is a little different than most Club Penguin parties, since everything's happening on faraway islands! Both members and penguins with free accounts will get to discover these new places. Plus there's some exclusive stuff for members to discover, like new items and a mysterious Viking Cave...

We'll have a sneak peek video for you later this week, so stay tuned for that! :)

So what are you most excited about? Share your thoughts in the comments below! Can't wait to hear what you think... 

Waddle On! 

-Club Penguin Team