February 16, 2012

Club Penguin new! Pirate igloo

Club Penguin has made this really awesome and new pirate igloo!

You know, for such a cool igloo it's really cheap

Well that's an awesome igloo!

That's it, bye!

Rockhopers quest preparation!

Club Penguin has started to prepare for The Rockhopper Quest!  The preparation at the light house looks awesome!  I like all the gets and gadgets, What about you?

Pretty sweet, right? Well this looks like an amazing quest! don't you think so?

Well that's it, bye!

CP Times Newspaper Issue: 330

Club Penguin has released a new newspaper!

Here's the main topic.

Here's the second topic.

Upcoming events.

The secret section.

And finally the News Flash of The Week

Well that's it, bye!

Club Penguin updates their Home page!

Club Penguin has updated their home page! and a lot.

Looks sweet!

If your looking at the right moment you can see the island.

Well that's it, bye!

Club Penguin updates two new login screens!

Club penguin has made to new login screens! Here are the awesome and new login screens.  

That's it, bye!