December 10, 2011

CP res or blue sky glitch

Today why on club penguin, There were some fire ninjas doing the fire in there hands thing.  and next thing I know the sky turned red like it would during the cardjitsu party.  But this made me think, won if this feature was staying.

Sadly I couldn't get a picture but i will try again.

Well that's it, bye!

Club Penguin Exclusive sneak peek from Trainman

Hello everyone. Today I was looking at Trainman's blog, and I saw this sneak peek.  I thought you might want to see it so here it is

Trainman1405's version
Here’s an exclusive image of Coins For Change 2011, thanks to Mikeymkwii. It’s of the Beach. As you can see there is a HUGE donation bin filled with coins. There are also different snowmen promoting the different categories you can donate to, and even a small stage!
Some things to point out:
  • Pinkyunicorn, Gigglebunnie, Chuchu Br, Banquisee, Badab0um, and Dubbl Bubbl are the staff members penguins
  • Ohh…and is that Trainman1405 in the picture? :D (I edited it in, as I said above Mikeymkwii found it on a website)
  • The penguin who took this picture (Pinkyunicorn) still has the old PSA Spy Phone
Very cool! Both Rockhopper and Aunt Arctic will be visiting for the Holiday Party and Coins For Change.
This part by blakefilms13
Here are some thing's I noticed in the post.
Everyone seemed to be friends, and how did trainman
and other penguins get in the sneak peek.

I personally think that this is strange.

Ummmmm I wrote this part 3 minuets later if you read everything it won't be strange.
Well that's it, bye!