February 5, 2012

Club Penguin I some how got this free item

This is strange.

I have not a clue how I got this except one.
I got it by sowing 

I don't know comment with suggestions.

That's it, bye!

Cool pictures from the fashion show

I love the song they play. If i can find that song on youtube I will put it with my favorite CP songs.

That's all for now, bye!

Club Penguin fashion show [The usual]

Flashes go off a big oohhhh ahhhhhh as somebody walks up the runway it's it's,  Blakefilms13!  Except hes wearing the usual.

Accidentally it was just a crowd member who accidentally walked on to the runaway.

Just a story don't get all upset.

Well that's it, bye!

CP Times Newspaper Issue: 328

Club Penguin has released a new newspaper.

Here's the main topic.

Here's the second topic.

Upcoming events.

The secret section.

And finally,  The News Flash of the Week.

I like how they secretly say that EPF agents get payed also.

Well that's it, bye!