March 14, 2012

Exclusive stamp for the Puffle Party [picture]

Hey everyone thanks again to my other blog, ClubPuffle.com, http://clubpufflecom.blogspot.com/ we have this information.

I bet you have to wear [the big puffle costume] or something like that.

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Full rap up of Puffle party sneak peeks!

Thanks to clubpuffle.com, another blog that I made, we have all this info!

Hello since CP will be updating tonight I figured I should make a [full rap up of puffle party sneak peeks].  Here are the picture's.

Thanks to trainman1405, captain twy, iCP blog, and nene8888 we have this info.

The Forest is apparently the Blue Puffle’s room:
The Cove is for the Red Puffle like usual.
The Puffle Show area:
Another part of the Puffle Show are:
The Polka Dot Puffle Hat will be a free item in this room. It’s apparently for everyone, so maybe the room will be open for everyone this year?
The Ski Village:
Is this an overhaul in the Pet Shop or an all new room? That Spa?
Another unreleased room:
Here’s the Plaza. It’s said that Quest for the Golden Puffle will be the stage play for March.

Here's the video sneak peek.

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Sneak Peek: Puffle Handler!


The Puffle Party's almost here, along with the very first in-game appearance of Club Penguin's newest character -- PH the Puffle Handler! 

happy77_meets_PH.jpgPH first appeared in 2008 as a secret agent in the Nintendo DS game Elite Penguin Force. This adventurous explorer trained all the Elite Puffles, including Flare! 

blog_120314.jpgHere are some other cool facts about PH:
  • She changed her penguin color after discovering the first brown puffle in the wilderness!
  • She helped redesign the Pet Shop to make it more exciting for puffles!
  • Favorite Item: Puffle Whistle
  • Favorite Food: O'berries
  • Favorite Game: Puffle Paddle

You might get a chance to meet PH at the Puffle Party. She tries to log on to as many servers as she can, so hopefully you'll get to meet her when she logs on!

Waddle On! :)

-Club Penguin Team

Club Penguin [can't go in those snow areas to the sides].

This is so depressing. you can't go in those two snow patches to the sides of the town.  I mean, was that really necessary? It was always the best spot for hide and seek.  Don't believe me? look...

Ahhhh Ahhhh a thousand times.

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