June 15, 2012

Another Author Needed for My Site

Hello everyone! Blakefilms13 here.  If you have noticed post have been getting out later then they seem. Well that's because, I have been quite busy.  You know like going to the pool being on summer vacation. But seriously I have been quite busy with things.  So I have decided that I need an a author. But not just any author,  Example:  Me. "Hey can you (author) do this post... Because I don't have enough time.  See the point is once I would get a post done, it would be like three days late.


  1. Your penguin must be at least a year old, must be with EPF, must know your way around Club Penguin.
  2. You need to create a blogger account (just type in blogger on your search engine, and it will come up.)
  3. Once you have a blogger account Email me at Blakefilms13@gmail.com  Telling me your Email. So I can make you part of the group.
  4. I will Email you when I need you to do a post. (Yes I will tell you what type of post I need you to work on.
Before everything above, If you want to be an author. First click on this post title, scroll down until you get to comments, then make a little story about yourself and club penguin and why you want to be an author.


  1. No bad language (If you do put any in your typing I will completely get rid of you.)
  2. No advertising, in less if you are advertising about something on Club Penguin.
  3. Have good grammar.
That's about all you need to know. Bye!

CP Times Newspaper: issue 345

Club Penguin has released a new newspaper! here it is.

Well that's it. Bye!