About Blakefilms13

[NOTICE] All of this info was last recorded Tuesday Jan 24th 2012.  Only updated once a year.

About Blakefilms13


You will usually find me with one of my puffle's.  My puffle's names are, Puddles, the blue one, and Max, the red one, which was named after our dog.

What I usually wear or have.

The color my of my penguin is is usually light blue.

And you will most likely spot me in the unlock-able hoodie.

And this ear piece, from the EPF, not that there's such a thing. ; )

My Stamp Book.

If you want to see all my stamps just request to be a friend, and look through them, if you can't find me.

Famous Penguin's I've met.

I met Rockhopper twice in one hour without using trackers.  By the way, don't trust trackers, the people spend more time trying to find then they do updating the tracker.  [UPDATE]  Trainman1405 has a tracking team, so I would recommend using his.

All of that was like a little longer than one year ago.

My igloo.

On January 26th 2011 my membership expired.

Personally I would usually have a big igloo but I decided I liked a small cozy igloo.

Serving as an Elite agent.

I have been serving as a agent for 780 days know.  I got a penguin when they roughly released mission 9.

I have all these rewards.

I waited for mission 11 to come for a year because I finished all the missions in three days not including mission 11.

That's all the info for now, bye!

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