May 17, 2012

Club Penguin Updates Their Home-Page

Today Club Penguin has Updated their Home-Page! Here is the Picture.

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Pretty cool!

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Medieval Party 2012 Cheats!

Today ye Medieval Party starts. Let's get started!

Now because I'm like this first we are going to start out with the three quests.


In this room the challenge is to get all the orbs glowing (stand on the square plates in front of the orbs)

These two signs are very important, so remember these.

In this room you want to hit all of the targets, fifty times. Tip: It's easier with more penguins.

Here is a free item you can obtain.

 Here are to more signs.

Now in this room those signs I was talking about come in handy. Here is the direction you want to go in.  Down, Left, Down, Right, Right, Up.

Don't forget to pick up this item.

In the finale room, there is the final Knight armor to collect.  

Grab this.


Thanks to Trainman1405 we have the cheats fro these two other quest.

The second quest, like the first one, is the same. In the first room, throw snowballs on the four torches to extinguish the fire.
In the second room slide the key around until it hits the lock.
In the next room, pick up the Noble Horse item.
In the final quest room fill up the barrel by throwing snowballs in it.  Then use the cannon to hit the dragon with water. Do that three times...
... And you’re in the final room! Pick up the free Toothbrush pin!


In the next Quest. In the first room it involves a puzzle. You need to watch the three gems.
It’ll tell you to find a certain gem. Waddle on the tile you think it which cup it’s under. You need to get it correct three times to move on.
After that, use the buttons to move the gates down. Eventually you’ll be able to access the next room.
Get the shield in this room…
Now for the hydras! This can get laggy so feel free to use the buttons on the right!
It’s simple to beat the hydras. Throw a snowball at the red hydra, a snowball at the cauldron to pour the lava on the blue hydra, and the yellow hydra’s beam is reflected back at it if you wear the shield you get.
After that, you’ll be able to enter the final room! Pick up the last armour piece.

Thanks Train but you aren't done yet you still have to show us how to do the final battle with Scorn.  

Quest to defeat Scorn.

To first get to Scorn you need to collect three magical items around the island.

The first one is the Slingshot Stick at the Dock.

The second one is the orbs at the Beach.

The third one is the Cursed Stones at the Ski Village.

Go up to the Mountain and enter through the door.

Waddle over the Bridge and you’ll be here. Are you prepared for battle?

How to defeat the Dragon King:

  • Use your mouse to aim your slingshot
  • Hit many spheres at once for more powerful attacks
  • Do not give up – you must win!
I shall!

Follow the directions. Just move your mouse around to hit the orbs. That’ll inflict damage on Scorn. You can see the progress bar dip down at the top. You do get coins for this.

Defeated at last!

Peace is being restored!

Victory is yours! You have defeated Scorn and saved the kingdom! Now cross the bridge into the Sky Kingdom, and bring peace back to Club Penguin…

Waddle to Sky Kingdom.

This is Sky Kingdom. If you get five penguins to light up the gems a rainbow appears.

To enter the Sky Tower, you must hold the Skyward Staff. Claim one for your heroic deeds!

 Thanks Train.

At the Gift shop/Market There is a catalogue for just the Medieval Party. Here it is.

If you click this...

... Then this will show up.

And if you click this...

... This will show up. 

But there is more.

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Fairy Fables is Now at The Stage

Fairy Fables has returned to the play!  Here are the guides.

Click This this pebble on the stone wall.

To get this background.

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