October 31, 2011

Meeting businessmoose

This is his igloo and i think it's cool because it's like a business place

and with the fact that he's called businessmoose

and this is his cool stamp book

And something you will maybe never see again is

ALL the pins on ClubPenguin

well I guess not everyone of them

Clubpenguins up coming switching server video

 this is going to be awesome especially when a mascot is online

well that's it for now bye

Clubpenguin's new chat system and friend list

as you can see clubpenguin updated their tool bar

and the chat system is pretty helpful but I rather type

and I love the new friends list updates

especially the fact that you can find a friend
just by typing in their name,  heres an example.
I have a friend that I have always wanted to be 
friends with on CP, but we never got the time so
now we can be friends on CP.

another cool thing is you can type in a mascot and it will come up.

heres a list of all the mascots you can type in

Meeting Loki Terry

here is all his pins and front of his cover

and he started changing to his usual clothes

here is his igloo

and me sitting next to him a bunch of times

whelp that's it for now, I know it wasn't that exciting but it's kind of cool.

well that's it for now, and I'll try getting caught up with stuff.  

Meeting Trainman1405

I saw that there was a friend online
 and what do you know it was trainman
it was weird how he didn't talk that much

he has a pretty old background

and lots of stamps

and it seemed like he had more pins then billybob

he has seven pages of pins

and his igloo was pretty cool

and another cool thing his he showed up in his igloo

I noticed this green circle around him.
 I think it was for the new friends list thing
were you can make him your best friend,
so I think it showed up because I had him marked as best friend

whelp thats it for now.

and the reason i haven't posted that much is because school.

so I will try to catch up thats it, bye.