April 15, 2012

Is Club Penguin looking into apps, and tablets?

If you've been looking around the internet lately -Club Penguin stuff-, you probably heard about Club Penguin looking into app's, tablets, etc.  It kind of like a rumor and it's been out for about six months now.  
There are some reason's why people think that this is true. 

  1. People are leaving Club Penguin more then usual.
  2. Less People are signing up, "Maybe to many people know about Club Penguin, and some of them are to tired of CP?"
Will everything stop?  Will we have to get tablets to play Club Penguin? Or will Club Penguin still be on the internet?

Well as usual I'm going to give my opinion, personally I think it's true, that CP will be on tablets someday.  Which means Club Penguin will stay around! Even if it's not on the internet, which I'm pretty sure it will still be on the internet.

Well that's it for now, and I probably will have more theories coming soon. Bye!

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