January 4, 2012

Club Penguin style catalog sneak peek and possible party sneak peek, video and one hundredth post

Well everyone this post is al little special , it's are one hundredth post.  first well start out with a video.

There is a lot to be noticed. first we will start of with the catalog.

I love the covered it looks really cleaned up.

They changed the color page, I sort of miss the yellow puffle.

There are only two new backgrounds...

here they are.

I like the set up to so you what you would look like on your player card.

Another thing look at all the coins she has. 

Is it just me or have I never seen these to neck items.

Next is the town notice how it's slanted.

And look at the font, why do they always use the cardjitsu font.

From the way all this looks I think it's a little obvious it's going to be a water party. maybe it will be the old WATER PARTY, which I sadly never celebrated.

Well that's it folks, bye!

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