March 30, 2012

April Fools Day party Cheats

[Due too be busy and going one place after another, this post is late]

Hello everyone! I don't want to do an introduction because this is going to take awhile.

Here we go!  Alright lets start here! See the [Enter] well guess what were going to do?  Were going to Enter the thing

We entered! Woo Whoo!

The trick here is too walk back in what ever entrance you came out of, that's how I did it and It's pretty quick.

That's how I got here...

And got this.

This is the first member room I went to at a April Fools Day Party!

Hmm? does this have to do with the hot pink puffle.

Alright now were at the town.

You will want to pick this up...   in less your penguin is four years old!...  Drum roll please!

Now for some tips and tricks!

Here at the space, type planet, type moon, thing?  ...

See these well click on them, only once, and every time you click drag a planet up to the sky, and it will look like the picture above. Of course you can change were the planet are.

See these well click on them..

Same with these.

Now in the member room that there was last year there are some flowers, and if you walk over them the change there're color.

 Well that's it for now, bye!

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