March 14, 2012

Full rap up of Puffle party sneak peeks!

Thanks to clubpuffle.com, another blog that I made, we have all this info!

Hello since CP will be updating tonight I figured I should make a [full rap up of puffle party sneak peeks].  Here are the picture's.

Thanks to trainman1405, captain twy, iCP blog, and nene8888 we have this info.

The Forest is apparently the Blue Puffle’s room:
The Cove is for the Red Puffle like usual.
The Puffle Show area:
Another part of the Puffle Show are:
The Polka Dot Puffle Hat will be a free item in this room. It’s apparently for everyone, so maybe the room will be open for everyone this year?
The Ski Village:
Is this an overhaul in the Pet Shop or an all new room? That Spa?
Another unreleased room:
Here’s the Plaza. It’s said that Quest for the Golden Puffle will be the stage play for March.

Here's the video sneak peek.

Well that's it, bye!

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