April 19, 2012

Earth Day Party Cheats!

The Earth Day Party is here! and as usual it will only have a least ten rooms decorated but no, not this time, only three.  I have to admit that the best Earth Day Party is the one were we fixed up the Mine Shack.

Alright first we start here, in the Snow-Forts.

Here's the icy part...

Here's the Volcanic/jungle/river area...

Grass lane, for the lions/painted dog etc.

And this type of safari/exploration/jungle.

Be sure to click on this...

And get some endangered animal costumes.

Here's a little bit about the endangered species we are trying to help.

Go Penguins!

Alright here are some places that you can have fun in...

Outside of the safari, we enter the plaza, were the safari hat is located, or the town.

Well that's it. Bye!

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