April 17, 2012

Club Penguin Earth Day Party: Sneak Peek!

Hey everyone Club Penguin has made a new video with exclusive sneak peeks of the Earth Day Party, and Medieval Party!  One thing... Yay CP is doing the party still.

Here's the video. 

This is the Snow Forts, I must say, DEFINITELY A BIG DIFFERENCE!

Here's a person working on the snow forts. That totally looks like a fun job!

I like the mountain, and I wonder if CP planned it out so the Ice rink was in the snow area?

Looks like a lot of grass to roam in.

This section has a mix of environments.

I love the Rockhopper penguin, I guess that's how they got the name "Captain Rockhopper."

I like the lion also.

Here are some sneak peeks for the Medieval Party.

Looks like a mickey mouse type hideout, type EPF trap, or, training.  They should have just used this for the  April Fools Day Party.

Here is the sneak peek for the Dragon King. Woo Who.  

Evil face.

I didn't know we had this many dragons roaming underneath Club Penguin.

I wonder if Club Penguin will let all non-members do the first quest this year? They should because they've been doing that for all the annual parties this year.

Well that's it. Bye!

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