April 17, 2012

Is Club Penguin looking into apps, and tablets? part 2

Hey everyone as you should recall I made a post about Club Penguin and apps.  Well Trainman1405 made a post about "There will be a Club Penguin app,"  or something like that.  First you are going to read it, then I will talk about it.


Club Penguin Launching New Mobile App Soon, Called ‘My Penguin’

April 17, 2012 at 9:30 am
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Once again Club Penguin has updated a file of theirs, this time with some interesting mobile related stuff! There are a total of seven commands having to do with a new app, dubbed the ‘My Penguin App’ as shown in the second line of the image below. The actual contents and release date of this application are unknown. For now we can only guess based on the functions in their files, but if more information becomes readily available I will definitely post it. Take a look:
Club Penguin My Penguin App
Really, the only thing we know is that it involves throwing snowballs at penguins. The %0% if the variable for the penguin’s name. I think it is safe to assume it will be for both iOS and Android. If so, it is possible that the Android version will be released shortly after the iOS version.
Wouldn’t it be cool if Club Penguin let some of their players test out the beta version of new apps by them?


Know this is pretty exciting stuff, but what could it be about?  Maybe it's just another app like Puffle Launch, or, that Card-Jitsu game that supposed to come out this year, for it was in Club Penguin files, but they would probably call it "Card-Jitsu," not, "My Penguin." Enough about the name, because it sounds like Snowball-Press ,the thing that produces CP book's, is helping make it, or, produce it.  Well one nice thing and actually awesome is that this app will be released most likely this year.

Well that's it for now. Bye!

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